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Aspire Media is the work of Alix S. Bacher, writer/producer/director deeply experienced in the world of film content. Her extensive career includes stints in broadcast news journalism, film, digital marketing and sales, commercials, special events production and a host of other image and media work. The company (formerly Homeward Bound Productions) with Alix at the helm, has a reputation for pioneering the marriage of commercial drones with luxury real estate video. Convinced that a deeper dive into film production would benefit clients, she earned an MA in film from Sacred Heart University in CT and The New School in NYC. Her talent as an interviewer who will put the most camera shy at ease, has proven to be a valuable commodity. Her short films have been recognized by film festivals internationally, and she continues to work on documentary films.

Remaining on the leading edge of companies that produce extraordinary video requires a commitment to quality and customer service that everyone at Aspire Media takes seriously. From pre production to post production, team members are highly experienced creative and technical wizards dedicated to delivering their best.

We work very happily with small local companies, mid size businesses, corporations, non profits, educational institutions, campaigns, and the most successful companies in the real estate industry.