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Business runs on relationships. Video is the key tool for building trust and expert status. As a bonus, It saves businesses time, money and effort. That's why you’re here and how we can help.

Whether you are looking to make a commercial or a web marketing video, it's what we do, 24/7. There’s nothing more powerful than showing what you do instead of telling someone about it in your business’ world, whether on your website, in social media, a blog, email or text.

Don’t worry…. we have real statistics to back that last statement up!

Leave the production nitty gritty to us and sit back as we deliver a fully realized video for your needs.

Types of Videos

Essential types of videos for marketing:

  1. 1. Awareness- a category that includes lists or round-ups
    • Meet the Team
    • Customer Profile
    • Interviews
  2. 2. Education- Teach your audience something
    • Explainers & How To’s (the largest viewed category on YouTube)
    • Happy Clients- folks that are fans
    • Product Tour or Consumer Review
    • Behind the Scenes -How the (insert product or service here) gets made
  3. 3. Engagement- Emotional to initiate a reaction, a like, a comment or share
    • Animation (people remember characters)
    • LOL ! Fun (silly but memorable)
    • Vlog (meaning video blog)
    • Video Emails (engaging content for the IN box)

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